Welcome to my blog about my life as a rock climber.

I’ll be updating summaries of my training and competition sessions here. My goal is to share my development as a climber with others. Additionally, this blog is a space to thank my sponsors that support me in my climbing endeavors.

About me:

My name is Hans Montenegro and I am a Colombian rock climber living in Montreal, Canada. I stepped foot in a climbing gym for the first time in 1996 in Belgium when some friends brought me to do route climbing. I had never even heard of it before! When I was there, I remember the most incredible feeling of flying through the air. My passion for climbing grew and soon brought me to competitive climbing.

Now, many years later, I still thirst for challenges and finding my limits. I have climbed in France, Belgium, Spain, Canada and Colombia. I push my way through difficult moves with a combination of physical strength and mental equilibrium. For me, climbing is my world; my way of life. Climbing is how you find yourself, and learn that the world is a unity that you are part of.

Currently, I am in graduate school and striving to strike a balance between my professional life and climbing life. Climbing not just an individual sport for me- I am supported by my entire “team”– my fellow climbers, my friends, my girlfriend, my sponsors, my family—who give me boundless strength, encouragement and advice.

I climb four days a week and train three days a week; this may change depending on the season’s competitions. On a personal level, I enjoy contact with people and discussing the betas of a problem or training concepts

Thanks to my Sponsors:

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