Outdoor Climbing

I really enjoy climbing outdoors in Val-David, Quebec. Most of the videos here were shot at Val-David.

Here, you can see some free Topos of the routes I feature here on my blog. You can view download them here: Here (secteur Mont King) or here (secteur Les Dames) or here (secteur Cour Du Roi).

Let’s start with the beginner level!

If you want to start to climb outdoors, you should first learn to position your body and trust your feet. Then, I suggest you try the problems in my video below “Beginner Bouldering at Val David, Quebec, Hans Montenegro, V0-V8“. You can see different boulders from V0 to V8. These are perfect to improve your level!

A good classic is “Jump-Start V3”

If you want to learn to trust your feet you should try “Dalle V4”

Finally, another classic problem that you can do is “no mosquitoes v4/5”

If you already did these problems, I recommend you to go to intermediate level.

Intermediate level… Congrats on making it here!

At intermediate level you must develop power endurance. Then, you have to do long problems and strong problems. I suggest you try the following:

Brutus (V8)

Trop Malade (V9)

La roulade dans l’orque (V9)

If you feel good with these problems you should try an advanced difficulty.

The difficulty of advanced routes depend on the morphological factors of each climber. A advanced route may seem easier for some climbers and harder for others. At this point and at this level of difficulty, all climbers are good climbers– But this does not really matter. What is really important is if you want to improve your climbing level, you should focus your effort on your weaknesses (mental, physical and technical).

I suggest these problems:

Slapping the belly of a whale (V10)

La mort aux dents (V10)

Crazy Belly (V12)

The last element that can help improve your climbing level is COMPETITIONS…I’ll see you there …!


2 responses to “Outdoor Climbing

  1. Colin

    Excellent footage and nice sends. I would say though that calling a V9 or even a V8 “intermediate” is pretty unrealistic for most boulderers. Based on my experience I would say that the vast majority of boulderers are still climbing far below V8. The primary reason you are seeing more and more people climbing this grade is primarily to do with the influx of new climbers to the sport and the advent of modern bouldering gyms. The first V8’s and V9’s were done in the 70’s and 80’s and were rarely repeated during that time with the exception of some John Gill & Jim Holloway problems. A more accurate breakdown in my opinion is:

    V0 – V2 = beginner
    V3-V5 = intermediate
    V6-V9 = Advanced
    V10 & Higher = Elite

    There are some soft areas where this is not true but generally speaking I would say your “bell curve” of talent follows the above. That doesn’t mean you will get recognition for doing a V10 of course. But still, this is an elite grade imo.

    • Hi thanks for your opinion however everything depends on the point of contrast. If wee see that the top level is a V15, I am not sure that a V6-V9 is an advanced level. But, again, it is a matter of contrast. Thanks.

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