Competitions 1998,2012

My competitive spirit was born 15 years ago when I began climbing. The first competitions I participated in were in local gyms in Bogota and Manizales City, Colombia  (The wall, Body Tech Gym, Universidad Nacional, Universidad Javeriana, Gym Roca Solida, etc).

Soon after, I participated in some competitions in France in a local gym in the city of Lyon. I now compete in competitions in Canada.

After several years of competing, all I can say is that no matter how good you are climbing– outdoor or indoor–  training and competing under pressure are very different. Competing under pressure is a point you must focus on improving. Competitions are directly affected by your mental level and control. So, if you want to perform well, you must work on metal training as well as physical training.

Roc Gym (Québec) 2009

Horizon roc (Montreal) 2010

Vertical (Montreal) 2011

Coyote Rock Gym Fall Classic 2011 (Ottawa)

Joe Rockhead’s (Toronto) Nov-2011

Climber’s Rock (Ontario) Jan-2012

Vertical (Montreal) Jan-2012

Coyote Rock Gym (Ottawa) Fev-2012

Altitude Gym Reginal (Hull, QC) Mar-2012

Canadian Bouldering Championships Vertical (Montreal) Apr-2012